Augusta von Zitzewitz

1880 Berlin – 1960 Berlin

Augusta Zitzewitz is born the daughter of the Prussian Lieutenant Colonel and Flügeladjutant Coelstin von Zitzewitz and his English wife Luise.
1907 She embarks on studies at the Verein Berliner Künstlerinnen (“Association of lady artists of Berlin”). At this time, women are still denied access to the art academies.
1912 she studies at the Julian Academy in Paris.
1914 she becomes a member of the Free Secession in Berlin.
She marries the Jewish art historian Erich Roemer. In 1915, their daughter Ilse-Marie is born, who becomes one of her favourite models.
1917 to 1932 She makes woodcuts for the left-wing magazine Aktion.
Her work for Aktionand her marriage to Roemer mean she is deemed “degenerate”. She is forbidden from working and exhibiting by the National Socialists.
Von Zitzewitz’s preferred genre is portrait painting. As a member of the German Artist’s Association, she participates in the activities of the Hamburg Art Association until its final annual exhibition of 1936. This exhibition is compelled to close early by the “Reichskammer”, the Imperial Chamber of Arts.
It is not until 1945 that von Zitzewitz resumes work.