Book: Jagt auf Westheims Sammlung


Book: Paperback
Author: Kai Artinger
Language: German
Pages: 224
Publisher: VDG


The crime novel Jagt auf Westheims Sammlung by Kai Artinger tells the exciting story of a young New York ethnologist who, together with her grandfather, a former commissioner, is on the trail of a series of murders and art thefts in Berlin. The author also picks up the story of the art critic Paul Westheim, who was driven into exile by the National Socialists during this time as well. In 1950, he was likely portrayed by Heinz Esser. Today, this painting is part of the Böhme Collection and commemorates the legacy of the persecuted.



Young New York anthropologist Susan Bell is tough. Nothing throws her off track so quickly. But the walled city of Berlin quickly shows her its limits. Immediately after her arrival, she comes across a dead body, and her grandfather, Gustav Lüder, leaves her out in the cold. The old retired commissioner has just about given up on life. He is waiting for the end. The appearance of his self-confident granddaughter puts an end to this. She is mysteriously involved in a series of murders and art thefts that keep the city on the edge. Eventually, she puts Lüder and Susan’s lives in danger. For without suspecting it, Susan has death in her pocket.

Artinger’s crime novel also tells the story of Paul Westheim, the most famous art critic in the Weimar Republic. As a man hated by the National Socialists, he had to escape to Mexico. Today, the Sala Paul Westheim in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City commemorates him.

This book is in German