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New Works from the Böhme Collection

19 May 2022 until 15 April 2023  

In the heart of Salzburg’s picturesque old town, the Museum Art of the Lost Generation offers you an insight into a unique private collection. The museum not only displays an impressive selection of artworks, but also brings the stories behind the paintings back to life.

The collection tells the story of the 20th century artists whose artworks were considered “degenerate” during the NS regime. Many of them were defamed because of their cultural, ethnic or political identity. The exhibition of their artworks was therefore forbidden. The diverse lives of these artists reflect their unwavering determination to follow their artistic calling despite all challenges.

Due to the turbulent period between 1920 and 1945, their works and their stories were lost. For the first time, they are being reunited in a museum dedicated to these artists and presented to the public in the exhibition FORBIDDEN BEAUTY! New Works from the Böhme Collection.