Opening - We haven’t forgotten you!

New works from the Böhme Collection

10th April 2019

On 10 April 2019, the Museum “Art of the Lost Generation” in Salzburg opened its second exhibition: “We haven’t forgotten you! New works from the Böhme Collection”, with over 80 exhibits.

This permanent exhibition was given a ceremonial opening by Dr Wilfried Haslauer, Governor of the federal province of Salzburg. The Salzburg art historian Dr Gerda Ridler gave a speech in which she referred to the important contribution made by private collections that are accessible to the public, and which have made a decisive contribution to the diversity of the exhibition landscape, especially in recent years: “It is often these collections that bring marginal positions in art to the attention of the public. The Böhme Collection, too, is dedicated to a specific topic that no public museum has covered in this intensity and, above all, without any similar degree of exclusivity”. This exhibition presents hitherto unknown artists of the “Lost Generation”, such as Lene Schneider-Kainer (1885-1971), Heinz Battke (1900-1966), Felka Platek (1899-1944) and many others. The evening was enriched musically by the Winkler-Kellerer Duo and by the singer Simone Pergmann.

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Opening - We haven't seen each other for so long.
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