In the wrong place at the wrong time

Böhme Collection

Until summer 2021
Current Exhibition

Under the title “The wrong place at the wrong time”, the private Museum “Art of the Lost Generation” is exhibiting works by a rediscovered generation of painters. The circa 350 paintings in this private collection tell the stories of artists whose careers were dominated by the historical circumstances of two world wars, but who are attracting new attention today. Their art was rejected at the time as “degenerate”, though this is merely proof of how their creative powers of expression went beyond what first the academies, and then the National Socialists, regarded as the norms of their time. Their exciting stylistic pluralism is reflected in this exhibition of the Böhme Collection, which presents newly found works in the spacious premises of its home in the old town of Salzburg.

The catalogue of the Collection, “We haven’t seen each other for so long”, can be purchased at the Museum and also online. To order it, please send an e-mail to

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Dame mit Perlenkette | 1920
We haven’t forgotten you!
New works from the Böhme Collection
10. April 2019 - Sommer 2020


Porträt Mela Kempinski (1884–1972) | 1933
We haven't seen each other for so long.
The Böhme Collection
19. Oktober 2017 - 3. März 2019

On loan

4. Oktober 2019 bis 19. Jänner 2020
„Karl Hermann Trinkaus. Bauhaus – der neue Mensch“
24. November 2019 bis 16. Februar 2020
„GEORG HECK (1897–1982)“
10. Oktober 2019 bis 9. Februar 2020