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Meet Me in PARIS!

Destinies from the Böhme Collection

19 May 2022 until 15 April 2023  

PARIS. A vibrant art metropolis that captivated Europe’s entire artistic community during the first half of the 20th century. Creative minds hoped for modern educational opportunities and new sources of inspiration. Among them are artists from the collection who studied at private academies in Paris, such as with Henri Matisse.

From 1933 however, Paris also became a refuge from the National Socialists, where people hoped for unhindered creativity and a life free of persecution. This illusion only lasted until the German occupation in 1940, when the horrors of the NS regime caught up with the artists in France as well.

The special exhibition Meet Me in PARIS! Destinies from the Böhme Collection reveals the city as a place where individual life stories converged, drawn together and connected by the historical circumstances of the time.