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From the Master Class to the Böhme Collection

10 May - 28 September 2024  

Discover new works from our extraordinary collection! The popular exhibition BEYOND BECKMANN. From the Master Class to the Böhme Collection will continue with Part II from May 10, 2024. In addition to already exhibited works from the Böhme collection, newly acquired works from Max Beckmann’s master class students (1925-1933) will be presented. It is the first exhibition in an Austrian art museum to be dedicated to twelve artists from the master class. The Museum Art of the Lost Generation aims to make these lost artworks accessible to the public again. Welcome to BEYOND BECKMANN PART II!

The students from Max Beckmann’s Frankfurt master class were among the most promising talents of the city’s art school (also known as the “Städelschule”). Nevertheless, they are hardly known today. Their careers were repeatedly overshadowed during the course of the 20th century: By the great name of their teacher, through censorship and defamation by the National Socialists and due to the destruction of their works during the Second World War. These circumstances continue to influence the cultural visibility of an entire generation.

The collection holds a total of 115 works by these master class students. Of these, around 40 representative works tell the story of their lives beyond their time in Beckmann’s master class to their arrival in the Böhme Collection.

Exhibited artists: Carla Brill, Inge Hergenhahn-Dinand, Theo Garve, Ottokar Gräbner, Georg Heck, Anna Krüger, Leo Maillet, Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer, Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, Alfred Nungesser, Heinrich Friedrich Steiauf and Karl Tratt.

An accompanying exhibition catalogue will be published. It will be available both at the museum or via our webshop. This publication is only available in German.


This exhibition was supported by the Province of Salzburg.