Porträt der Mutter | 1937
Porträt der Mutter | 1937
Porträt der Mutter | 1937

Porträt der Mutter | 1937

Friedrich Ludwig

1895 Wieslet — 1970 Gabersee bei Wasserburg am Inn

Friedrich Ludwig was born to a farming family in the southern Black Forest. When he was eight, his parents sent him to distant relatives on a farm where he had to work hard to earn his keep. In their loft he found old books, prints and copper engravings, which he copied. Ludwig’s father recognised his son’s talent, but financial need compelled the boy to do an apprenticeship as a painter in Schopfheim and to work as a house painter. He worked as a painter/decorator in Zurich from 1913 to 1919, and in 1920 he joined a group of like-minded artists in Badenweiler that included Annette Kolb and Julius Meier-Graefe. From 1922 to 1926, Ludwig studied at the Städel Institute in Frankfurt am Main, then at the Académie Julian in Paris. In 1934, his first official exhibition at the Munich Kunstverein was declared “un-German”. Ludwig was banned from exhibiting. Together with his friend Carl Hofer, Ludwig worked hurriedly overnight to save as many of his paintings as he could, hiding them in Hofer’s attic.

Artist works

Dame mit Vase und Würfeln | o. D.
Lady with vase and dice | no date
Oil on wood
65,5 x 50 cm
Porträt der Mutter | 1937
Portrait of my mother | 1937
Oil on canvas
70 x 57 cm

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