Widerstand | o. D.
Widerstand | o. D.
Widerstand | o. D.

Widerstand | o. D.

Karl Hermann Trinkaus

1904 Leipzig — 1965 Leipzig

In 1919, Trinkaus began an apprenticeship as an electrician in Stotteritz, and also attended the Leipzig Vocational School until 1924, where the curriculum included a basic artistic education alongside the natural sciences. He presumably undertook self-study in art besides his activities as an electrician. Little is known about the course of Trinkaus’s artistic career. In 1926, Trinkaus showed his work to Wassily Kandinsky, who thereupon gave him a written testimonial that enabled him to apply to study at the Bauhaus. He was accepted for the winter semester of 1927/28. Trinkaus took courses there with Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Herbert Bayer, and attended the printing and advertising workshop of Joost Schmidt. But Trinkaus primarily worked in the cabinetmaker’s workshop of Josef Albers. For reasons that are not clear, Trinkaus broke off his studies after just two semesters.

Artist works

Widerstand | o. D.
Resistance | no date
Collage, pencil drawing and crayon on paper
69 x 59 cm
(Photo: Florian Stürzenbaum © Karl Hermann Trinkaus )

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