Porträt Dr. Siegmund Müller (1881–1938) | o. D.
Porträt Dr. Siegmund Müller (1881–1938) | o. D.
Porträt Dr. Siegmund Müller (1881–1938) | o. D.

Porträt Dr. Siegmund Müller (1881–1938) | o. D.

Sabine Lepsius

1864 Berlin — 1942 Würzburg

Sabine Lepsius was born in Berlin in 1864 into a well-off Jewish family. She was the daughter of the painter Gustav Graef and the lithographer Franziska Liebreich. From 1879 to 1881 she attended the Royal Academic Conservatory in Berlin, though she left it in frustration at its lack of educational opportunities for women. She subsequently took painting lessons with Karl Gussow from 1884 to 1885. Lepsius was given her first commissions for portrait painting while staying in Rome, where she began studying in 1887. In 1889, she shared a studio there with Reinhold Lepsius. From autumn 1889 to the summer of 1890, Lepsius attended the Academie Julian in Paris. She married Reinhold Lepsius in 1892, and they lived first in Munich, then in Berlin. Their son Stefan lost his life in the First World War.

Artist works

Porträt Dr. Siegmund Müller (1881–1938) | o. D.
Portrait of Dr Siegmund Müller (1881-1938) | no date
Oil on canvas
73,5 x 62 cm

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