Fan with Art Print


Limited Edition

Motif: Ludwig Jonas (1887-1942), Still Life with Roses, 1929, Museum Art of the Lost Generation

Photo: Hubert Auer

Length: 23 cm
Material: Cotton, wood matt lacquered, digital print


Perfect for a cool breeze on a hot summer day! Printed with an artwork from the Böhme Collection. Made with 100% high-quality cotton and produced in a limited edition.


The Motif

Ludwig Jonas was born in 1887 in Bromberg, (today Bydgoszcz in Poland). After taking his final exams, he went to Munich to study medicine. But captivated by the many museums of the city, he began to develop an intense interest in art. In 1909, Jonas broke off his medical studies and moved to Berlin to the Academy of the Arts and Crafts Museum. He was able to join the master class of Emil Orlik, where he studied graphic arts. In 1928, at Erick Heckel’s suggestion, he became a member of the ‘Deutscher Künstlerbund’ and took part in the ‘Künstlerbund’ exhibition in Hanover. Max Liebermann noticed him there and invited him to participate in the spring exhibition of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. In 1929 he painted Still Life with Roses.

In 1930, Jonas travelled to southern France, where he painted Mediterranean landscapes. From then on he lived in France and Jerusalem and also went on trips to Greece, Venice and southern Italy. In 1938 he exhibited for the first time in a museum in Tel Aviv. He died in 1942.



Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 4 × 23 cm