Mädchen mit Violine | o. D.
Mädchen mit Violine | o. D.
Mädchen mit Violine | o. D.

Mädchen mit Violine | o. D.

Franz Lerch

1895 Wien — 1977 New York

Franz Lerch studied under Josef Jungwirth and Karl Sterrer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 1919 to 1927. He became a master student of Alois Delug in 1922. Afterwards, he went on study trips to Paris and Holland. In 1927, he joined the Hagenbund artists’ association and participated regularly in their exhibitions. He began exhibiting internationally in 1930, when his painting Lovers was included in the Modern Austrian Painting exhibition at the University of Chicago alongside works by Alfred Kubin and Egon Schiele. He was awarded the Austrian State Prize several times, and in 1931 was awarded prizes by the City of Vienna and the Julius Reich Foundation.

Artist works

Mädchen mit Violine | o. D.
Girl with violin | no date
Oil on board
64 x 52 cm

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