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Art of the Lost Generation. The Böhme Collection

Heinz R. Böhme has been collecting artworks of the Lost Generation for more than twenty years. The main focus of his private collection in Salzburg is the recognition of more than eighty artists whose creative work was massively restricted under the National Socialist regime.


Large-format illustrations, extensive biographies and a clearly structured list of the pictures in the collection, which currently contains over 350 works, document impressively the achievements of these artists, who were once ostracised and defamed as “degenerate”. Expanded by an interview with the collector, Heinz R. Böhme, and an art-historical and historical overview, the publication traces the fate and life’s work of an almost-forgotten generation of painters and thus permits the general public to rediscover these pioneering artistic positions.

Contributions by: H. R. Böhme, G. Ridler, R. Streibel

With a foreword by Wilfried Haslauer
272 pages, hardcover, 300 colour illustrations


Permanent Exhibition
Museum Kunst der Verlorenen Generation, Salzburg

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