Book: Felix und Felka


Author: Hans Joachim Schändlich
Language: German
Book: Paperback
Pages: 189
Publisher: Rowohlt


The life of the Jewish artist Felka Platek (1899 – 1944) was marked by having to work in hiding and her persecution during the Nazi era. One of her oil paintings, few of which survive, is part of the Böhme Collection. Platek’s story had been forgotten, until now. The poignant novel “Felix und Felka” by Hans Joachim Schädlich joins the Museum Art of the Lost Generation in the task of telling her story. This book shares the experiences of the artist and her life partner Felix Nussbaum (1904-1944).



The Jewish painter couple Felix Nussbaum and Felka Platek are on the run from the Nazis. They undergo an odyssey from Rome via Paris to Brussels. In concise, pointed snapshots, Hans Joachim Schädlich makes us aware of how fears of material and artistic existential hardship obscure our view of our possibilities for escape.

This book is in German