Obstschale auf weißem Tuch | o. D.
Obstschale auf weißem Tuch | o. D.
Obstschale auf weißem Tuch | o. D.

Obstschale auf weißem Tuch | o. D.

Hilde Goldschmidt

Leipzig 1897 — 1980 Kitzbühel

Hilde Goldschmidt was born into a wealthy Jewish business family in Leipzig. Her artistic talents were encouraged from an early age. After completing her schooling in 1914, Goldschmidt enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig and attended the book design course offered by Hugo Steiner-Prag. She began painting around 1918, and received private lessons from Richard Bossert. The following year, she joined the ballet school of the Leipzig Opera and also made set designs. In 1920 she was accepted to the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. In the summer semester, she entered the master class of Oskar Kokoschka. Goldschmidt left the Academy in 1923, and went to New York, Paris, Vienna, the South of France and Italy, before settling in Munich in 1932.

Artist works

Obstschale auf weißem Tuch | o. D.
Fruit bowl on a white cloth | no date
Oil on canvas
50 x 75 cm
(Photo: Florian Stürzenbaum © Hilde Goldschmidt)

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