Lesendes Paar am Tisch | 1933
Lesendes Paar am Tisch | 1933
Lesendes Paar am Tisch | 1933

Lesendes Paar am Tisch | 1933

Elisabeth Ronget-Bohm

1896 or 1899 Konitz — 1962 or 1980 Provence or Paris

Little is known about Elisabeth (Liesbeth) Ronget-Bohm. Her dates of birth and death are also given variously in the sources. She came from a Jewish family, being the daughter of Salomon Bohm and his wife Margarete Bohm, née Spanier. She was born in Konitz (today Chojnice) in what was then Western Prussia, but grew up in Hanover. Her artistic talent became evident while she was still a child, so her parents sent her to train at the Vienna Academy of Arts; she later moved to Berlin. She then studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar before moving back to Berlin in 1926, where she became acquainted with the artists of the November Group and Der Blaue Reiter. The political situation in Germany compelled her to move to Paris in 1931.

Artist works

Lesendes Paar am Tisch | 1933
Couple at table, reading | 1933
Oil on canvas
80 x 113 cm
(Photo: Hubert Auer © Ronget-Bohm)
Stillleben | 1936
Still life | 1936
Oil on canvas
47 x 54,5 cm
(Photo: Hubert Auer © Elisabeth Ronget-Bohm)
Stillleben mit Blumen und Früchten | o. D.
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit | no date
oil on artist's board
34 x 53 cm
(Photo: Hubert Auer © Elisabeth Ronget-Bohm)

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