Prozession am Mittelmeer  | 1932
Prozession am Mittelmeer | 1932
Prozession am Mittelmeer  | 1932

Prozession am Mittelmeer | 1932

Hein Heckroth

1901 Gießen — 1970 Alkmaar

Heinrich (Hein) Heckroth was born into a family of modest means. He showed an early interest in painting. After training as a book printer and typesetter, Heckroth worked as an assistant in that profession until 1919. Despite the dire economic situation after the First World War, he moved to Frankfurt am Main in 1920 in order to become a painter. He studied with Ludwig Gies at the Städel Art Institute, and from 1921 onwards with Reinhold Ewald at the State Drawing Academy in Hanau. By the 1920s, Heckroth began painting the portraits of well-known personalities such as the dancer Mary Wigman and Bertolt Brecht. Heckroth’s works were exhibited by the Frankfurt galleries run by Ludwig Schames and Alfred Flechtheim. In 1924, Heckroth married the painter Diana Maier. They moved to to Essen in 1927, where Heckroth worked for the local theatres. In the summer of 1928, Heckroth travelled to Paris, Ibiza, Munich and St-Tropez, where he met the painters Dunoyer de Segonzac and Rudolf Levy. In 1929 he was appointed head of décor at the Municipal Theatre in Essen. In 1932, Heckroth was awarded the Art Prize of the Rhine Secession, and that same year he was appointed to a professorship at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

Artist works

Prozession am Mittelmeer  | 1932
Procession by the Mediterranean | 1932
Gouache on paper
46,5 x 61 cm
Porträt Dr. W. Baer - NY National Lead Co. | 1940
Portrait of Dr W. Baer – NY National Lead Co. | 1940
Oil on cardboard
43 x 34,5 cm

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