Bäuerin vor einem Dorf | o. D.
Bäuerin vor einem Dorf | o. D.
Bäuerin vor einem Dorf | o. D.

Bäuerin vor einem Dorf | o. D.

Jakob Nussbaum

1873 Rhina — 1936 Kinneret

Jakob Nussbaum was born in Rhina in Oberhessen, the son of a Jewish merchant family. In 1883, the family moved to Frankfurt am Main. He enrolled at the private art school of the Hungarian painter Simon Hollósy in Munich in 1893. One year later, Nussbaum continued his studies under Gabriel Hackl at the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city. He also visited the painters’ colony founded by Hollósy in Nagybánya (today: Baia Mare) in Transylvania, where he practised outdoor painting. In 1901/02 he began a long-standing friendship with Max Liebermann, with whom he travelled to Holland in 1908. In 1904 he joined the Berlin Secession. During these years, he commuted between Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, participating in many exhibitions including that of the Berlin Secession in 1902.

Artist works

Bäuerin vor einem Dorf | o. D.
Old woman on the way (Alsace) | no date
Oil on canvas
40 x 61 cm

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