Tanzabend Manda von Kreibig | 1923
Tanzabend Manda von Kreibig | 1923
Tanzabend Manda von Kreibig | 1923

Tanzabend Manda von Kreibig | 1923

Erwin von Kreibig

München 1904 — 1961 München

Erwin von Kreibig grew up among the artistic circles in the district of Schwabing in Munich. In 1917, Erwin von Kreibig began an apprenticeship as a woodcarver at the Munich School of Arts and Crafts. After finishing in 1919, he trained as a metal sculptor and in chisel work under Eugen Ehrenbock. In 1921, von Kreibig was employed at the School of Arts and Crafts by Richard Riemerschmid, where he designed costumes. In 1922, he made a name for himself both as a painter and for his socially critical caricature drawings. In 1922 and 1923 he was a guest of the New Secession in exhibitions in the Glaspalast. Von Kreibig had his breakthrough as an artist in 1930 at the opening of a large exhibition in the gallery of the association called Die Juryfreien, which featured over a hundred of his works. A scholarship from the city of Munich enabled him to visit Paris in 1932, where he rented a studio in Montparnasse.

Artist works

Tanzabend Manda von Kreibig | 1923
Dance evening by Manda Erwin von Kreibig | 1923
Colour lithograph mounted on cloth
119 x 83,5 cm
(Foto: Hubert Auer © Erwin von Kreibig)

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