Landschaft in Hessen | 1936
Landschaft in Hessen | 1936
Landschaft in Hessen | 1936

Landschaft in Hessen | 1936

Max Kaus

1891 Berlin — 1977 Berlin

Kaus left school at fourteen in order to become a painter. He did an apprenticeship as a painter, but at the same time attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Berlin-Charlottenburg. After completing his apprenticeship in 1908, Kaus became a fulltime student of Meinhard Jacoby’s at the School, and also worked as a freelance decorative painter. He was awarded a travelling scholarship by the School, and went to Paris with his friend and fellow student Hans Orlowski. Kaus returned to Germany when the First World War broke out. He was trained as a medical orderly with the Red Cross. In Ostend, Kaus served in the ambulance unit of the art historian Walter Kaesbach, who used his position to prevent his artist friends from being sent to serve directly at the front. Kaus became firm friends with Erich Heckel, who was also his role model as an artist. After the war, Kaus returned to Berlin and had his first exhibition in 1919 in the gallery of Ferdinand Moller, after which he exhibited in the galleries of Paul Cassirer und Karl Nierendorf.

Artist works

Landschaft in Hessen | 1936
Landscape in Hesse | 1936
Watercolour and opaque paints on paper
52 x 84 cm

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