Dame im Café | o. D.
Dame im Café | o. D.
Dame im Café | o. D.

Dame im Café | o. D.

Richard Ziegler

1891 Pforzheim — 1992 Pforzheim

Richard Ziegler, who was also known by the pseudonym “Jean Georg Vincent”, was born in Pforzheim in Baden in 1891, the son of an elementary- school teacher. After completing high school, he attended the Shakespeare Grammar School in Stratford-upon-Avon in England in 1910–1911. In 1912, he embarked on a study of philology, which took him first to Geneva, then to Greifswald and Heidelberg, and culminated in a doctorate. Ziegler began painting while still a student, and in 1920 he began a career as a self-taught artist, without any academic training. He moved into a studio in Pforzheim, and in 1922/23 began a series of regular study trips to Italy. He moved to Berlin in 1925, where he rented a studio in Wilmersdorf. While in Berlin, he got to know Wolfgang Gurlitt and also Arthur Segal, who introduced Ziegler to the November Group. Ziegler began participating in the Group’s exhibitions in 1926.

Artist works

Dame im Café | o. D.
Lady in a café | no date
Oil on canvas
76 x 63 cm

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