Porträt Ludwig Jonas | um 1912
Porträt Ludwig Jonas | um 1912
Porträt Ludwig Jonas | um 1912

Porträt Ludwig Jonas | um 1912

Helmut Ruhemann

1891 Berlin — 1973 London

Helmut Moritz Ruhemann began regular painting lessons at the age of just 13. On the advice of Max Liebermann, he concentrated on painting after finishing school. He initially studied at the Academies of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and Munich, then moved to Paris for two years, where he joined the class of Maurice Denis. In 1914, Ruhemann travelled to Spain, and remained there during the First World War. He settled in Madrid with his friend Martin Bloch; together they studied the Old Masters in the Prado, and acquainted themselves with the painting techniques they saw there. Ruhemann became friends with the restorers at the Prado and developed an interest in restoring paintings himself. After returning to Germany in 1919, Ruhemann made his living as a painter, but took on more and more restoration work. From 1921 onwards he worked as a freelance restorer, including for the art dealer Paul Cassirer. Wilhelm von Bode (1845–1929), the director of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum (today the Bode Museum), appointed Ruhemann as his chief restorer.

Artist works

Porträt Ludwig Jonas | um 1912
Portrait of Ludwig Jonas | um 1912
Oil on canvas (folded)
60 x 47 cm
(Photo: Florian Stürzenbaum © Helmut Ruhemann)

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