Fischer beim Einholen ihrer Netze | o. D.
Fischer beim Einholen ihrer Netze | o. D.
Früchtestillleben | o. D.

Früchtestillleben | o. D.

Mommie Schwarz

1876 Zutphen — 1942 Auschwitz

Samuel Leser “Mommie” Schwarz was born into a Jewish merchant family in the Netherlands. In 1897, he and his brother Julius travelled to New York for the first time, and he remained there until 1902, illustrating magazines and designing book covers and posters. After returning to Europe, he enrolled in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. But he found the reigning style there not to his liking, and broke off his studies. In the same year, he travelled back to New York. In 1908/09, Schwarz returned to Europe for good, and moved to Berlin where he met the painter Else Berg, a friend from his youth whom he later married.

Artist works

Fischer beim Einholen ihrer Netze | o. D.
Fishermen, bringing in their nets | no date
Black chalk on paper
48 x 65 cm
Früchtestillleben | o. D.
Still Life with Fruit | no date
Oil on canvas
57 x 74 cm
(Photo: Hubert Auer © Mommie Schwarz)

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