Büste (Selbstporträt) | o. D.
Büste (Selbstporträt) | o. D.
Büste (Selbstporträt) | o. D.

Büste (Selbstporträt) | o. D.

Alfred Frank

1884 Lahr — 1945 Dresden

Alfred Frank was born into humble circumstances. Frank initially trained as a lithographer, and while working in the profession he also studied at the local school of arts and crafts. He later also began sculpting. He moved to Leipzig in 1906 and attended the evening classes of the Academy for Graphic Art and the Book Trade. In 1912, he finally enrolled to study there and to devote himself henceforth only to art; his teachers were Alois Kolb and Bruno Héroux. Frank had to interrupt his studies in 1915 on account of the First World War, and served as a soldier in Flanders and northern France.

Artist works

Büste (Selbstporträt) | o. D.
Bust (self-portrait) | no date
Plaster or clay, bronzed
Height 25 cm x cm
(Photo: Hubert Auer © Alfred Frank)

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